VisiCODE Product Features

This snapshot of VisiCODE’s product features shows you why VisiCODE is the perfect clinical coding solution for your day hospital!

Automated coding process

Simple procedure selection from drop-down lists based on the selected diagnosis

VisiCODE synchronises with any PAS system through an API infrastructure

Customised solutions are possible for individual sites; eg. diagnosis descriptions used by your clinicians can be built into VisiCODE

De-identified details of uncoded discharged patients are pre-populated by syncing data across from your PAS

Simple diagnosis search functionality

Users can code individual records or complete batch coding

Built-in linkages between diagnosis and procedure codes provide automated validation, ensuring coding accuracy

Use any computer with an internet browser

Export coding details for audit and reporting

MBS comparable to ICD-10-AM procedure codes

Designed for sites that do not have professional coders

Responsive help desk support is available for coding queries and technical issues

Advanced data security to give you peace of mind

Developed in consultation with Day Hospitals Australia (DHA) and Resolutions’ clients

Adherence to Australian Coding Standards (ACS) are built in, ensuring your facility meets statutory requirements

Resolutions’ qualified coders overseeing the product will audit new client data within the first two months of use