VisiCODE Support

Get VisiCODE support when you need it instantaneously with professionalism! Every VisiCODE client receives the standard support as part of their licence fee. Standard support is for companies that need standard guidance in getting started with VisiCODE. If you need faster response times, consultative support and/or 24×7 support coverage, we recommend our Plus or Complete Support Plans.

For large enterprises, maintaining business continuity is essential to your operations. The CompleteĀ Support Plan gives you peace of mind by helping you ensure your business continuity, proactively preventing issues and maximising the value of your VisiCODE investment.

Whether you have how-to questions, require technical or consultative support, we give you fast, expert answers.

VisiCODE support you can count on

If you require technical support or have any coding queries, you can quickly and easily lodge a support request on our online Help Desk. This connects you directly with Resolutionsā€™ health information managers who have extensive coding experience. We guarantee your support request will be actioned in a timely manner.

Issues are categorised depending on impact level and response times are prioritised accordingly.

You can use our online help portal to:

  • Get assistance with coding queries
  • Get technical support
  • Submit customisation requests
  • Suggest product development ideas
VisiCODE support from the happy little experts in coding
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